Division B

Science Olympiad Grades 6-9 Events for 2017
Each event is done by a team of up to 2 students, unless noted

Anatomy & Physiology

Show your knowledge of sense organs, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Bottle Rocket

Design and construct 2 water/air powered rockets to safely carry an egg aloft.

Crime Busters

CSI Connecticut! Analyze evidence from a crime scene and identify the guilty person.

Disease Detectives

Investigate and solve disease and disability problems related to food borne illness.

Dynamic Planet 

Fill your plate with problems involving tectonics. Get the drift?


Solve problems involving North American Tundra, Taiga, and Deciduous Forests.

Experimental Design  (up to 3 students)

Given a kit of materials at the tournament, you must design, conduct, and write up an experiment.

Fast Facts

A fast crossword- type team game based on science vocabulary.

Food Science

Design and construct a simple calorimeter; use it at the tournament to measure energy content of food grains and test food for various nutrients.


Design and construct a battery powered hovercraft to move down a track; answer written problems on classical mechanics.

Invasive Species

Move right in! Identify and solve problems with invasive species in Connecticut.


Blow us away with your knowledge of severe storms.

Microbe Mission

Analyze data, solve problems, and answer questions on microbes.

Mission Possible

Design, construct, and document a Rube Goldberg device that uses a series of simple machines to accomplish a simple task ( raising a flag) in a complicated way.


Given a Laser Shoot Setup, adjust a series of mirrors so that a laser will hit a target. Answer questions on geometric optics.

Reach for the Stars

Show off your star power! Demonstrate knowledge of stellar evolution, star forming regions and supernova remnants.

Road Scholar 

Help imaginary story characters solve problems by using road maps, topographic maps, and satellite imagery.

Rocks and Minerals

Find out if you really do have rocks in your head! Identify specimens and answer questions about rock and minerals.


Design, build, and test a device that prevents a test dummy egg from meeting an unfortunate end-- rush towards a wall but stop at the last second!


Design, construct, and test a lightweight vertical tower to support 15 kg.

Wind Power

Design and construct a device based on a CD that will capture wind power supplied by a fan, and demonstrate knowledge of alternative energy.

Wright Stuff

Design, construct, and document up to two rubber powered propeller airplanes for maximum indoor flight time.

Write It, Do It (2 students required)

One student sees and describes a device; another uses that description to build the device from a parts bag.

Please note: For any event requiring students to build a device ahead of time- The students themselves must construct all devices. Coaches or parents can help with safety issue like running table saws, etc. Students must be able to demonstrate to judges that they have done the design and construction of a project. During competition, students are not allowed any outside help from parents, coaches, or spectators.