Division B

Science Olympiad Grades 6-9 Events for 2019
Each event is done by a team of up to 2 students unless noted. Full event descriptions and rules can be downloaded free from 
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Anatomy & Physiology

Can you go with the flow? Show your knowledge of the Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and excretory systems.

Battery Buggy

Design, construct ahead, and calibrate a battery powered vehicle that can quickly travel a specified distance and stop at a target point.


Design, construct ahead, and test a lightweight cantilever beam to support 15 kg..

Circuit Lab

Are you in resistance? Design and construct simple circuits for a designated task; answer written questions on electricity an magnetism.

Crime Busters

CSI Connecticut! Analyze evidence from a crime scene and identify the guilty person.

Density Lab

Don't be dense! Solve lab problems and answer questions about mass, density, number density, area density, concentration, pressure, and buoyancy.

Disease Detectives

Don't speak ill of people. Solve problems in disease, injury, or disability in human populations.

Dynamic Planet 

Are you cold as ice or are you hot? Solve problems related to glaciers and climate change.

Elastic Launch Glider

Let your mind take flight! Design, construct ahead, and test elastic-launched gliders to achieve the longest flight time.

Experimental Design  (up to 3 students)

Given a kit of materials at the tournament, you must design, conduct, and report on an experiment on-site.


Demonstrate your knowledge of ancient life by completing tasks related to fossil identification and classification. Use fossils to date and correlate rock units.

Game On

Using the program Scratch, design and build on site a computer game incorporating a game type and scientific theme assigned on the spot.


Analyze data and solve problems using your knowledge of classical and molecular genetics.


Slither your way through identification and questions on amphibians and reptiles.


Use science process skills to interpret meteorological data, graphs, charts, and imgages.

Mystery Architecture

Given a bag of materials, you must build and stress on-site a bridge, cantilever, arch or tunnel.

Portions and Poisons

Demonstrate our knowledge of toxic and therapeutic chemical substances, with a focus on household and environmental toxins and poisons.

Road Scholar 

Help imaginary story characters solve problems by using road maps, topographic maps, and satellite imagery.

Roller Coaster

Design, construct ahead, and test a roller coaster track to guide a gravity-powered vehicle to its destination in a specified time.

Solar System

Show your knowledge of geologic characteristics and evolution of the Earth's moon and other rocky bodies of the solar system.


Some like it hot! Design, construct ahead, and test an insulated device to keep a glass of hot water hot. Answer written questions on thermodynamic concepts.

Water Quality

Design, construct ahead, and test a salinometer. Identify aquatic invertebrates and answer questions on fresh water ecology.

Write It, Do It (2 students required)

Don't have a failure to communicate! One student sees and describes a device; another uses that description to build the device from a parts bag.

Please note: For any event requiring students to build a device ahead of time- The students themselves must construct all devices. Coaches or parents can help with safety issue like running table saws, etc. Students must be able to demonstrate to judges that they have done the design and construction of a project. During competition, students are not allowed any outside help from parents, coaches, or spectators. If an event has both a constructions portion and a written test, students must try both parts to be fully participating. See also http://www.ctscienceolympiad.org/