Division C

Division C Science Olympiad Events (Grade 9 to 12) for 2018:
Each event is done by a team of up to 2 students, unless noted.)

Anatomy & Physiology

Show your knowledge of the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems.


Become a star by providing explosive answers to problems on stellar evolution and Type II supernova events.

Chemistry Lab

Solve lab problems using your science process skills in physical properties and thermodynamics.

Disease Detectives

Investigate and solve disease and disability problems related to food borne illness.

Dynamic Planet 

Fill your plate with problems involving tectonics. Get the drift?


Solve problems involving North American biomes, emphasizing local areas, grasslands, and desserts.

Experimental Design (up to 3 students)

Based on a given a kit of materials at the tournament, you must design, conduct, and write up an experiment.

Fermi Questions

Come up with fast, rough estimates of quantities that cannot be measured directly.


CSI Connecticut! Analyze evidence from a crime scene and identify the guilty person.

Game On

Using the program Scratch, design and build on site a computer game incorporating a game type and theme assigned on the spot.


Design, construct, document and test up to two helicopters for maximum indoor flight time.


Slither your way through identification and questions on amphibians and reptiles.


Design and construct a battery powered hovercraft to move down a track; answer written problems on classical mechanics.

Material Science

Use your science process skills to obtain and analyze data on the chemical structure, reactivity, and behavior of polymers and plastics.

Microbe Mission

Analyze data, solve problems, and answer questions on microbes.

Mission Possible

Design, construct, calibrate, and document a Rube Goldberg device incorporating a series of steps that result in the device saying "the end".

Mousetrap Vehicle

Design, construct, calibrate and document a vehicle powered by mousetraps to push a plastic cup forward to a target leave it, then reverese to behind its oroginal start line.


Given a Laser Shoot Setup, adjust a series of mirrors so that a laser will hit a target. Answer questions on geometric optics.

Remote Sensing

Use remote sensing imagery, data, and computational process skills to complete tasks related to climate change processes in the Earth system.

Rocks and Minerals

Find out if you really do have rocks in your head! Identify specimens and answer questions about rock and minerals.


Some like it hot! Design and construct an insulated device to keep a glass of hot water hot. Answer written questions on thermodynamic concepts.


Design and construct a lightweight vertical tower to support 15 kg.

Write it, Do It ( 2 students required)

One student sees and describes a device; another uses that description to build the device from a parts bag.
Please note: For any event requiring students to build a device ahead of time- The students themselves must construct all devices. Coaches or parents can help with safety issue like running table saws, etc. Students must be able to demonstrate to judges that they have done the design and construction of a project. During competition, students are not allowed any outside help from parents, coaches, or spectators. 
If an event has both a constructions portion and a written test, students must try both parts to be fully participating.