Invitationals-- “Practice” Tournaments:

Invitationals are extra tournaments and are not run by CTSO. They are terrific ways of getting your team in good shape. Frequently, you must write and run one complete event. Invitationals can be run anyplace in the U.S. and are usually open to teams from any state. Big name tournaments attract teams from around the country, so you get a chance to meet and compete with incredibly talented science students. The university-based tournaments are usually run by former Science Olympians, and are outgrowths of a movement started by two students in Connecticut. There is a registration fee set by each tournament. 

Invitationals are for practice/bragging rights only and do not affect your standing at a regular state tournament. You must be registered in Connecticut to compete in an invitational tournament.

Big name university invitationals attract teams from around the country. They book up quickly, sometimes in a few minutes. Give some thought ahead of time as to whether or not you are interested and act quickly. The very good SO teams get to be very good by going to a lot of invitationals.

Connecticut Invitationals:

BC Scrimmage – December 9, 2017 in South Windsor High School:

This will involve tech events for both B and C teams. The intent is a low cost, informal, half- day chance to get your teams started on building projects and run them early. Registration ranges from as little as $10 up to $65. Contact Janet Belval, tournament director, at

C Division Invitational – January 27, 2018 at Yale:

Most C events.Website

Two teams per school maximum,  registration $103.

Invitationals in nearby states:

M.I.T. Invitational - January 20, 2018 Cambridge MA:

            All C events. Registration $130. Opens Sept 17; This filled up in three minutes but may have waiting list.

Harvard Invitational - January 28, 2018 Cambridge MA:

            All C events. Registration $150. Now open.

Brown Invitational - February 3, 2018 Providence, RI:

            Registration $100. Check for open dates, etc.

Princeton Invitational - February 10, 2018 Princeton, NJ (NO registration fees):

            All C events. Registration is free but there is a $100 fee if you withdraw after Nov. 24, 2017. Now open.