Registering a Team

SO is a school-based competition. All students must attend the same school, and the school must be the official sponsor of the team.  Public, private, and home schools are welcome; we are happy to answer any questions about team requirements. An unusual feature of SO is that you can enter more than one team from the same school; they compete as separate teams.  


All official rules are available for free download at the National Science Olympiad website, Resources for all events are also available on this site.


Registration is $60 for a new middle school team, $150 for a returning middle school, and $180 for high school.

Registration Forms

Registration is being done on-line this year. There are several steps. Register at:

Do steps 1, 2, and 3. You can go back and do others later.

1. Set up an account: Enter email and password. There are videos on the site to walk you through. Everyone should register as a new coach. You must exit the site for your information to be saved.

2. Register your team(s). Enter site as a coach and enter school name. Make sure you enter Div C for high school or Div B for middle school. If you get an error message saying nothing is saved ignore it - your entries will get saved when you exit. You can also print an invoice for your business office.

3. Register second coach Re-enter. Go to coach dashboard and find invite co-head coach. Put in name and email of the co-head coach.

4. Register for events you want to judge: After your registration is paid, enter again. Go to volunteers-Event supervisor sign-up. Pick tournament and 4 events in preference order.

5. Set up your contact list: Confirmation emails come from the system, not from me. Please enter the system in your email contact list so they are not spammed.

name- CTSO Data Site

email- ( note funny spelling--this is NOT sciolympiad) email- email and